Our Beliefs

We consider what we do a way of life, not just work. We believe making real Art, things that never existed before that are meant to create change and inspire, is achieved by the ritualistic practice of exploration, participation, and wholehearted creative focus. We live that practice everyday and our culture and work reflect this belief. 

There is no rulebook that says work has to be unenjoyable or that it has to include things that we don't find essential or meaningful.  For us life and work are about seeing, participation, reflection, slow mindful clean living, contribution, sustainably, nurturing close relationships that matter, and most of all…MAKING. We are rich by these standards. But mostly, we enjoy every opportunity to make a living doing what we love to do.   

The following beliefs further define who we are:


Most people talk.

We prefer to do, while they talk. 


Be who you are.  

We will too.

We are not order takers.

If you work with INDIG USA, expect us to take the reigns. We are here to lead you through a process and make something of value. We are brutally honest when it comes to assessing our clients challenges. We respect the entrepreneurial spirit of our clients and hard working people. The clients are risk takers and provide us with an opportunity to make a living. So we believe they deserve nothing less than our real opinions about where they stand.

Only What Matters.

We identify the essential in everything. Our service is a craft, not a massive production-line undertaking that requires an army of people and support systems. We hate fluff in business operations, in communications systems, and in design. We are focused, have time to do work that matters, and avoid being burned out. This model allows us to say no to projects that we don't have enthusiasm for and to take on clients that usually work with much larger firms or agencies.  

How good, not how big. 

We have the experience, process, intelligence, talent and resources to work with large clients, and we have our fair share. But medium and small clients often provide us with greater opportunities to MAKE new things so we enter every new business conversation with open ears.  Big or small we don't care. We just care that you are making something good that you need help with and that you understand the value of what we provide. 

We believe in freedom, mobility and creative solitude.   

We believe our work is a result of the repeating, habitual cycle of exploring, observing and learning and then focusing, making, forging, and crafting.  New ideas come from exploration and experience. We embrace the act of traveling or searching to perpetuate the proliferation of ideas by participating in the outside world. Working from anywhere is always something we have enjoyed exploring. We see and experience more, and the result is better, more inspired work. And we believe solitude is key when it comes to making great art. Therefore, it just makes no sense for us to have a conventional, central office. It's a burden we don't find to be beneficial to our business anymore.  Frankly, we take this business of making stuff much more seriously as a craft than a large agency could afford to. So we really don't have time for the office circus. Our staff works from private studios, home office spaces and/or mobile trailers (see the The OFB Mobile Office). The reality of being in one office is that it isn't very productive and we find it very distracting. It's hard to get the creative solitude we crave in a space full of people. These days we are able to hire the most talented creatives in any location.  All INDIG USA staff are encouraged to travel at will and live wherever they want, any time. We don't feel we need to dictate to our staff what their environment should be like and we love being closer to our families and close friends more often. Being "professional" is all about accountability, quality planning, effective communication, and dedication to simply doing things well.