Here you will find the answers to the most commonly asked questions about INDIG USA. 
When was INDIG USA founded? 

Have you ever merged with, been purchased by, or been affiliated with/by another creative company, firm, studio, or giant corporation?

Is INDIG USA an Ad agency?
No, we like to make things that last more than a year and we don't like peddling media or minutia. We also never met a brand we didn't look at and say "yeah that's ok, but what if you did this with it." If you looked us up thinking we are another Ad agency anxious to pitch you a hot new campaign idea based on little more than surface level insight, living for the day when you call us your AOR so that we can eek out a living on the media buys...well, sorry we just like to make real things that last a long time. If you need a campaign slinger look in Ad Age or something.  If you need someone to manufacture your brand from scratch call us. That said, we do help the clients we brand, improve their ads ;)

Who is the perfect INDIG USA client?
We seek Native or Indigenous clients, in any part of the world, who have a good product or service offering but need better branding (or to establish a new brand) and/or a better web presence to achieve their goals. We like to diagnose your situation, make recommendations on what we feel is a better version of your brand, and then execute the necessary creative, technical, mechanical, manufacturing and strategic projects to make it happen. We have evolved beyond the role of advertising agency into the role of CREATOR of consumer products, places, experiences, and intellectual content. 

I am a big client. Can INDIG USA Handle us?
We don't have or want the numbers of many large agencies but we are also not moving mountains of minutia here. We are craftsman making things. And if you come a knock'n for what we sell, we promise we can handle it. 

INDIG USA builds Web sites right?  We thought you were a Branding company.
Yep, we have been building web sites since 1998 (via Onefastbuffalo, our parent company). Fully content-managed, custom-designed and built. We are basically a branding shop with an interactive agencies capabilities. Why? Websites and all that digital is too much a part of branding these days to hand to someone else. 

How much does a website cost?
Pricing for a website doesn't match a canned price or template option. All of our brandigital solutions are a custom build based on your needs. In order to provide you with an idea on pricing, we are going to need some more info. Just give us a ring, we don't bite.

Will my website be manageable?
All of our sites are completed with a custom built content management system we call SiteShepherd. This is a tailored solution for your website which we created for two reasons. 1) We are design snobs. We got tired of having any restrictions from the front end look and feel perspective. We want to create the best possible design for your brand and not have to worry about the modular restrictions of a management system 2) We build systems FOR marketing people. It is in our best interest to create a management system that is easy to manage and maintain the content of your website. We love you, but we don't want you to have to call us to change something. This system allows you to maintain the design integrity within your site, without having to know a single lick of coding.  

Is the brand boot camp part of your process really necessary? 
Well, if you want great solutions to your branding challenges, yes. If you want us to guess, retread, repurpose, and throw things against the wall and see if they stick then no. But we won't work that way. We are good at the creative stuff because we know how to find the insights that leads to unique solutions. The diagnosis and recommendations that we provide have a value apart from the creative and technical projects we execute. In fact, several times a year we are paid just to execute the diagnosis and make recommendations. 

Will you build a website with my BAD logo?
Only if you pay us a work with my bad logo penalty fee.

Who owns the artwork and files once projects are completed?
INDIG USA does not license its work. Once completed,  and purchased, the work is owned by the client. This goes for our content management systems as well. 

Do you do interior Design?
We don't have one of those fancy certificates but we have concepted many interiors in our day. Let's just say we make YOUR interior architects job very easy. 

How do you charge?
We are not an a la carte shop (other than building web sites). We seldom work on retainer. We define scopes of work and tell you how much it will cost. You pay us a good chunk at the beginning, and then the rest as we go. More importantly, we DO NOT work by the hour. In fact we think the faster we come up with solutions you love, the more value you have for them.  Its not about the labor we incur its about the value of our ideas and deliverables to you. OK, to be even clearer, we think determining our fees based on labor/time is just dumb. We make things with real value. The value is in the effectiveness of these deliverables. We charge accordingly. If we take 30 minutes to design a brilliant logo is it really worth less than one that takes us 3 weeks? No, the answer is no. 

Will you provide 18 options for my new logo design?
Next question.

Can we come over and check out the INDIG USA digs? Does it matter if we are not in the same city?  No, we are virtual. And if you actually use the word "digs" we are going to hangup on you anyway. Our staffers work from their private studios, trailers, and/or our co-working spaces. We spend a lot of our time working in the field. Our people are also spread out all over the land. We do not require our employees and workers to live in one location. We like it that way. Most of the in-person meetings we have with clients occur in the very beginning phases. We come to your office, or we meet at any establishment of your choosing in Dallas (we have many recommendations), our Co-Working facility (www.workhauslodge.com), or we bring the trailer to you. Point is, in-person meetings are not a large part of the collaboration that happens between OFB and clients. But there is a TON of collaboration. In fact we are very cautious of scheduling in-person meetings. We prefer to spend the time MAKING STUFF for you. We promise to communicate with you in a professional, convenient, speedy, and thorough manner. We also use an online project management system where we can collaborate and track projects with clients. If you are not located in Dallas, we feel there is no difference in the service. We have clients in many parts of the globe and work with them seamlessly. In fact we prefer that you are in a place we have never been. Fun times to be had. 
Can we send you a fax?
No! We threw out the fax machines with other clunky office things that are made of paper, use paper, or otherwise can't be carried in a laptop bag. Just like we threw out the office. We do have phones and email.