Our Story

INDIG was formed in 2011 as a collaborative service offering, for hire, between the strategic-creative brand thinking of Onefastbuffalo, and Native creative partners. We decided to focus our knowledge, talent, and experience in the general market toward helping Native-Owned brands achieve a higher level of commercial success and awareness. And to do that work WITH Native talent. And thus INDIG was born. We put that experience, talent, and craftsmanship to work for native clients in a no-nonsense, helpful way and always refine our tactics to create the most impact with the least amount of excess.  

As INDIG grows, we strive to hire and support the most talented indigenous commercial artists, strategists, writers, designers, developers, filmmakers, and technicians to execute the best creative client work in Indian Country. Our goal, is to build a Native creative agency that brings Native brands into the international arena by helping them create world class products and experiences. Period. This is not about tired casino marketing tactics, and promotional strategies. It is about Manufacturing Brands that will Endure

Our Mission

Through our success and leadership, we also hope to inspire, encourage, mentor, educate, support and train a new generation of Native Youth to pursue careers in the Design and Creative arts. The more you support INDIG with your projects, the more we can do to further this cause. 

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