Brand Strategy

People hire us for inventive, strategic and creative ideas and authentic design. They don’t hire us to ask what you want, sit down at a computer, and spit out graphics. Brand Strategy is at the root of all our brand design work. It serves as the guide to dictate the meaning we express with our design. And it tells us why that meaning will resonate with our clients audience. Once we have great information we are ready to develop a strategy uncommon to what your competitors will expect. It is targeted and full of meaning for your audience.

Brand Strategy first and most importantly answers the question of positioning for the brand. We identify what truly separates you from your competitors, why anyone cares, and how we will communicate that to your audience. In some cases this is about focusing the message, in other cases we change business practices, service offerings or even the characteristics of the product. Our goal is to discover what is most important to the customer and how that aligns with the uniqueness of your company. If you aren’t doing anything unique, we will give you a good hard look in the mirror and our strategic recommendations for changes to MAKE you unique. Armed with this strategic direction, we then create all of the outputs that define your brand including: naming, messaging structures, brand story, taglines, launch plan and finally the creative brief to guide our design team. At the conclusion, we will have articulated the essence of your brand and created a plan of action defining where we are, where you’re heading and how we’re going to get there. 

Brand Strategy Services:

  • Brand Positioning 
  • Brand Name Development
  • Brand Story Creation
  • Messaging Structures
  • Tagline Creation
  • Brand Voice Definition 
  • Brand Rituals & Consumer Experiences
  • Brand Design Strategy & Communications Planning
  • Brand Launch Planning