Brand Study

The key to good ideas is good information. This comes from not just observing our clients but by practicing the art of participation. Participation goes beyond simply gaining the inside opinion on the current state of the business; it is about immersing ourselves in all the different perspectives of who you are as a brand. When we meet a potential client they often ask, "What should we do? How should we fix this branding problem?"  That’s easy. WE HAVE NO CLUE! We never profess to know more than you about your own business, but we do promise to learn more about your business than any other firm. Only by digging deep can we truly understand where you are now and the right direction for where you should be heading. We talk to the executives as well as the people in the trenches, analyze your close competitor as well as the biggest guy in the industry, and hear from your favorite clients as well as the ones that can’t stand you. Our Brand Study means to reveal the good, the bad and most importantly the hidden information about your brand according to everyone else. 

Brand Study Services:

  • Brand Boot Camp
  • Staff Interviews
  • Customer Profile Creation
  • Customer Surveys
  • Competitor Visual Audit
  • Competitive Messaging Review