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Crested Butte Mountain Resort®

Ok this is not a job for Indian Country...we know. But we need to show you what we are capable of.  So please take a look. Indian Country or not, resorts have branding challenges. What is different about your brand? This case shows how we helped this client find it's true self. So all you Native owned Casino/Resorts take a hard look. We would love t help you in the same way.  If you think your branding is the best it can be let us prove you wrong. 
OFB/INDIG is proud to announce our latest Rebrand & Digital client project launch. Crested Butte Mountain Resort. We began this brand journey with a 3 day Brand MFG Bootcamp conducted on-site in Crested Butte, Co. During that brand study, this is gist of what we found...Crested Butte is one of the most adventurous, active, intense, high-level everything (Skiing, Mountain Biking, Fly-Fishing, Dining, you name it) places on the planet. Literally. This place is NOT about sitting inside. Period. But the old CB branding said just that. Hey come sit inside, have a nice hot chocolate, keep warm and by god DON'T get outside and have any fun with your adventure seeking family. So the Aesthetics of this brand were just not sending the right message. Yes there is a great historical, rustic mining town full of cozy dining, Antler walled bars, and colorful locals. But, this is The Last Great Ski Town people! Best Mountain Bike trails in the World! Blue Ribbon Fly-Fishing! Outdoors in every direction!  In other words, this place is ABOUT getting outside. Its fun for both the active family, and the hard-core outdoorsman and adventure-gear-heads. It's about living up here. Not posing. 
“We met with OFB/INDIG for a few days in early May to articulate what our company was looking for in the new website,” explains Scott Clarkson, vice president of sales and marketing for the resort. “After hours of discussing the brand, it became evident that what we were all saying about our passion and the level of activity in Crested Butte wasn’t being conveyed to prospective guests through the present look and feel.” Designer and owner of One Fast Buffalo/INDIG, Ben Jenkins, took the feedback and went to the drawing board with the goal of truly establishing a design that felt more like how we all feel. “The look should be dynamic, vibrant, and colorful. CBMR is an action sports based company,” stated Jenkins, as he left the brainstorming room in early May.
The job was a big one. Completely revamp Crested Butte Mountain Resort's brand and online presence. This includes all aspects of winter sports, summer activities, lodging and even real estate. Our challenge was no less than to plan, concept, design & build the BEST brand and website in their industry. All within 5 months. This project highlights that special combination of finding great work for great people, for things and places we have a personal connection too and love. CB is a special place for OFB folk. Always has been. Life is good and work does not get any better than this. 
“I very much wanted to see a design that focused on the silhouette of the mountain, celebrating our iconic peak,” Clarkson added. “Its shape is differentiating and its part of what makes Crested Butte such a special place. I was also looking for a design that would pop and help Crested Butte to stand out as it should. I think we got there with this new brand.” There are summer and winter versions of the logo, as well as one for Crested Butte Resort Real Estate, to continue the brand throughout the resort.
About Crested Butte:
Nestled in the heart of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, Crested Butte is committed to preserving the pristine landscape and mountain lifestyle. With vibrant Victorian store fronts and expressive local characters, the small historic town remains true to its heritage and radiates an unparalleled welcoming and inviting spirit that celebrates a simpler life and time. Thanks to a widely diverse landscape, outdoor enthusiasts of all levels will find a new challenge with each visit. From world-class mountain biking, to legendary skiing and snowboarding, to a secluded fly-fishing experience, Crested Butte is one of Colorado’s best-kept secrets.
Services Provided
  • Brand Study
  • Brand Strategy 
  • Brand Identity Re-Design
  • Experience Design
  • Digital Strategy
  • Web Design & Development
  • Content Management Systems