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The Osage Nation®

A Powerful Online Tribal Voice. The sovereign Nation of Osage indians is located in north-central Oklahoma. The Osage Nation, or Wazhazhe, consists of approximately 18,000 citizens with an estimated 4,000 residing on the reservation, the focus of the present-day Osage government is to move toward the establishment of a tribal economy capable of supporting the growing Osage population.

We were blessed with the tasks of creating a online community that presented the tribe as contemporary people living, working and thriving in today’s modern business world. Second, this site was to serve as the central communication tool between the tribal government and it's people. Third, the site was to assist with the continuing struggle to keep indigenous languages from dying.

Our strategists, web planners, technical directors and design team made five trips to the reservation working with tribal leaders to not only learn the unique aspects of Osage culture but the inner departmental processes we were to improve. We also conducted a three-day on-site photoshoot to capture a large cross section of Osage people. Our designers worked with Osage designers to discover and incorporate authentic tribal colors and patterns into the site design.

The resulting site is the largest we have ever built housing over 50 administration content systems (custom built version of OFB's SITESHEPHERD) for every department of the Osage government. The site serves as a virtual community gathering spot, communication center, educational tool, online market center, and powerful political voice for the Osage Nation. Osage people can now listen in to live audio broadcasts of council meetings, retrieve important public documents, register for social, medical, and legal services, retrieve information on the Osage language, shop the Osage tribal store, search for jobs, chat with other tribal members, and express their views in over 100 online tribal forums.

We are most proud of the fact that the we helped the Osage nation broadcast it's first online streaming event, the 2007 Osage State of the Nation by Chief Jim Gray. This event was noted in the Osage historical timeline.

We truly enjoyed this experience and continue to enjoy our relationship with our Osage friends. By the way, try Bad Brad's BBQ in Pawhuska! We may see you there.

Services Provided


  • Digital Strategy
  • Web Design & Development
  • Content Management Systems
  • Video Production, eMarketing
  • Social Strategy
  • Promotional Marketing