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Warstic Wood Bat Co®

All Branding Firms say they know how to make and or build a brand. But we wanted to prove we that we know how. We believe it is first and foremost about making something good that is worth talking about. Warstic Wood Bat Co is a business venture launched entirely by OneFastBuffalo. This case study alone proves the value of brand design. In fact, it is what made this company possible. We make, brand, and sell these bats. In other words we are doing for ourselves what we often do for clients....Launch brands. Not only did we name the company and product, design the brand, and build the eCommerce store...we are now digging into the manufacturing of our own products.  With our founder's baseball background making wood baseball bats are a real passion for OFB. Hand craftsmanship, Design, and Great wood. In true OFB fashion we are remaking the rules of what a wood bat should look like.  Bats for sale online now!
Here is a an article about Warstic and OFB in the Dallas Morning News. 

Warstic Wood Bat Co is a Texas-based independent company interested in building a unique brand of wood bat for serious players of any age. Frankly, there are very few secrets to making a great wood baseball bat. It's about sourcing and selecting the best wood, craftsmanship, attention to detail and knowing how to achieve the right feel. We know, as players ourselves, what we care about is performance and feel. They go hand and hand. The right feel creates confidence and that affects how you swing it. And of course performance matters once wood meets leather. We can't fake this. We ourselves use these bats and stand by them.

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The Warstic Brand was designed by OneFastBuffalo  

Services Provided

  • Digital Strategy
  • eCommerce Design & Development
  • Content Management Systems
  • Video Production, eMarketing
  • Social Strategy